Useful Information

Useful Information

1. How to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam

  • Visitors to Vietnam must have a valid passport. Firstly, one should find out if one needs a visa to enter Vietnam.

  • Visa exemptions are provided to citizens of many countries such as Asean countries, France, Germany, Italy. Please check here for more details.

  • For citizens of other countries, complete information on how to apply for a VISA to enter Vietnam can be found on the website of Vietnam embassies or consulates. Please visit this link for the list of them.


2. How to go from Ho Chi Minh city/Hanoi city to Hue city


3. How to go from Phu Bai International Airport to the city center

  • For lecturers and invited guests who stay in the Hương Giang Hotel or Century Riverside Hotel and inform us on arrival/departure dates, we will arrange a pick-up service for you.

  • In case of unexpected event that you cannot meet the pick-up person, you can take a taxi from Phu Bai International Airport to the hotel or any other places in the city center. The taxi costs you around 10-15 USD for one way trip.


4. Hotels in Hue city

  • Lecturers and invited guest will be supported to stay in the Hương Giang Hotel or Century Riverside Hotel which locates in the city center. See the info about these Hotels at and

  • For other participants who pay the accommodation cost by your own, we can help you (if requested) to make a reservation with the Hương Giang Hotel or Century Riverside Hotel. Or you can search in or for many other hotels to stay.


5. How to go to Hue University of Education from your hotel

Hue University of Education settles in the center of Hue city. It takes 5 minutes by walk from Hương Giang/ Century Riverside Hotel to Hue University of Education.


6. About Vietnam and Hue city

We recommend you to visit the website for useful information about Hue and Vietnam with its charm and rich culture.


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